News for Pokemon Go / Trading System, Legendary Pokemon and Gen 2 Release Date

Before I start with any of the news, I'd like to point out that all of the information I'm about to give is based off of speculation and NOT a direct and reliable source. Apparently, someone is claiming to have spoken with a member of Niantic (Pokemon Go's creators) and was able to get a bit of info off of them (Niantic member).

First off, he says second generation Pokemon (which are Pokemon from the Johto region in the Pokemon series) will be released sometime around December. I was hoping for an earlier date but seems fair enough.

Another thing mentioned was that the more Pokemon Go players that are in one area, the better Pokemon spawn in that particular area. This is something I had already suspected because when I visited a moderately populated park to hunt Pokemon, I always seemed to catch the best Pokemon there.

Capturing the original 150 Pokemon counts as completing your Pokedex even if you don't have the legendaries. Speculation leads us to believe that 'special raids', which seems like some sort of Pokemon Go event, will determine who gets the legendary birds. I don't know if each team will be able to obtain all of the legendary birds.

Surprisingly they're trying to fix the crazy amounts of rattata and pidgey spawns. I honestly thought their spawn rate was a normal amount but now that I think about it all it was a bit hectic catching 50 rats in a day.

And finally, as expected, we're going to get a trading system soon and I am very excited for this. I wish we had more Pokemon to actually trade but for now it'll do. We'll just have to wait until December for more Pokemon.

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