Where to find all Pokemon types

There are different generations of Pokemon but only the first generation of Pokemon are actually in Pokemon Go. This post will be an overview of where to, more-or-less, find the different types of Pokemon.

To get a gist of where each pokemon lands on the rarity scale, you can take a look at the chart below.

Where to catch normal type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Normal Pokemon are usually found everywhere. These are possibly the easiest Pokemon to find because they can literally appear everywhere. Due to its high spawn rate, these Pokemon can be farmed for Stardust. You can learn more about Stardust by clicking here.

Many of the normal type Pokemon are pretty common but some actually seem to be on the rare side. Some of the more rare Pokemon include Chansey, Jigglypuff and Eevee. Don't really know if these are rare only for my area or for everyone.

Where to catch fire type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Don't worry you don't need to travel to Hawaii and visit a volcano to catch fire Pokemon. Fire Pokemon have been reported to have been found in residential areas and should be found in the more warmer places. Think more dry places such as the sand on a beach or a place as dry as Las Vegas.

Where to catch water type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

As you may have already assumed, water Pokemon can be found near water. Think about places such as the beach or a lake near where you live. You might be able to find water Pokemon near or at canals but not so sure if that's very safe. You're almost guaranteed to find loads of water Pokemon at a beach though.

Where to catch grass type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Although you would think it would be safe to assume that all grass type Pokemon are found wherever there is grass; that doesn't seem to be the case. From what I've seen on my Pokemon hunting adventures, finding grass Pokemon near grass isn't guaranteed. 

Where to catch rock type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

So for the rock Pokemon, you can find them wherever the Pokemon Go app suspects there would be a lot of stone. Just think train stations, giant buildings such as a walmart, target, shopping malls and maybe even amusement parks.

Where to catch ground type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

I've found ground type Pokemon to spawn in places such as roads, ditches and streams. Occasionally these type of Pokemon are found in a place you wouldn't really expect that type to be roaming. Places such as neighborhood streets or a park would be your best bet.

Where to catch bug type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

I have read Pokemon of this type can be found in farms and forest-like areas but that hasn't really been the case for my Pokemon hunting adventures. 

Our best bet would be to look for bug type Pokemon in places like golf courses, flower gardens, nature reserves (like Yosemite National Park in California or Central Park in New York). People have had luck finding them there.

Where to find dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

In the first generation of Pokemon there are only three dragon type Pokemon which are Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. These Pokemon are quite rare but are not impossible to find. These Pokemon can be found in 'places of interest' or famous places/landmarks. 

Try San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge or Times Square in New York. Usually if you live in a pretty big city you'll be able to find them in a well known park or a well known area of some sort.

Where to find electric type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Electric type Pokemon can only be found in places the game labels as 'industrial'. Places like warehouses, schools, college campuses and factories.

Where to find fairy type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Fairy type Pokemon seem to, again, be found in 'places of interest' or famous landmarks. I have also read they can be found near or in cemeteries or churches. This type seems to be pretty rare just like dragon types.

I have gone to cemeteries and churches and have yet to find a fairy type Pokemon there. I have, however, found a fairy type Pokemon more than once at a popular area near me which is a park. You decide.

Where to catch fighting Pokemon in Pokemon Go

This one is actually kind of interesting. To find fighting type Pokemon you will need to try and be around sports centers or stadiums. I have had luck finding Mankeys at Pokestops with lures placed on them though.

Where to catch poison type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

For the poison types, you can usually find them wherever the game deems a 'wetland'. These can be places like ponds, lakes, marches, maybe rivers. There have been reports of poison types spawning in big buildings or industrial areas.

Where to catch ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

I thought you would be able to catch ghost types in cemeteries but I have not heard of that being true nor have I seen any ghost types in a cemetery when I went. They have occasionally spawned around churches but I can say they have spawned in parking lots at night. You can try for the parking lots during the nighttime but never go alone.

Where to catch ice type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The ice type Pokemon are thankfully not just found in icy climates. Surprisingly you can find these Pokemon in grassy areas and grassy areas near water but there's really no definite area. I found two Seels at a nearby park that has no water there whatsoever. You decide.

Where to catch psychic type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

I have no idea why but psychic type Pokemon seem to be found near or around hospitals. I read somewhere that the equipment attracts them. Also these Pokemon can be found in residential areas but that seems to be only during the nighttime.

Where to catch flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The flying types seem to be in areas like farmlands, forests and parks, gardens, natural reserves and pretty much just anywhere. Seriously, Pokemon like pidgeys' frequently spawn just about anywhere.

Where to catch steel type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The steel type Pokemon can be found at railroad stations, railroad tracks and large buildings. You can try and go to the railroad station or tracks but please be careful and don't get hit by a train or anything.

Where to catch dark type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

There are currently no dark Pokemon in Pokemon Go so we'll just have to wait until the next generations are added to the app. Happy Pokemon hunting!

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